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"To help our friends and our school poor students***"

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ERRSM Old Student Association

ERRSM OLD STUDENT ASSOCIATION provides a environment in where every aluminas can see their olden days.And also, they will know

  • about the friends where they are now
  • how they are
  • what is their position

Through this website, the aluminas make a request to have a meeting where they will have a get together.For doing this, they will have to contact administrator (who is one of their aluminas).
The purpose of this association is,

v To help the students who need money for their higher studies.

v To help the students who need job opportunities.

v Not only to our school, but also for other people.

As of now, our administrator will kindly ask every one of our old students to register their names.
Please visit our web site and give your valid suggestion to make it better.

“Once again we Put our hands together and make a different world”


ERRSM 3rdr met@2011

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